SIGN is a new network of Italian scientists in Germany.

[What does SIGN do?]

You can apply for membership (irrespective of citizenship) if you work or have recently worked in Germany in science or technology, in academia or industry, and have received scientific education or training, or held research positions in Italy. German or Italian academic or industrial research institutions can also join as institutional members. All kinds of scientists (including in particular social sciences, economics, and humanities) are eligible. Membership is subject to the approval of the Executive Board.

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———— NEWS ————

Marino Zerial called at the helm of Human Technopole Milan

We are delighted to congratulate SIGN founding member Marino Zerial (founding director of the Max Plank Institute for Molecular Biology in Dresden) who has been named director of the Human Technopole in Milan, Italy. A great way to bring back to Italy his decades of experience in cutting edge research in biology and medicine. Compliments to Marino and ad majora!

Reliable perovskite solar cells

SIGN founding member Antonio Abate (Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin and University of Naples) and his group have published a paper in Science reporting a breakthrough improvement of the mechanical robustness of active perovskite layers in high-efficiency solar cell stacks. As Abate comments, Temperature variations tend to undermine the mechanical stability of the film and decrease the efficiency: the polymer we added during the crystallization process made the crystalline film more plastic. Compliments to Antonio and his group!

The Human Computer:Katherine Johnson at NASA

Friday 16 December at 7 pm Elena Sacchi, Valeria Korol, and Yuri Cavecchi presented the new book by Quaternion Books, collecting commented scientific works by Katherine Johnson, at Istituto di Cultura Berlin. Moderator: SIGN’s Vincenzo Fiorentini.

ESO at 60

ESO at 60

Full INAF event in Rome (Dec 12) on youtube for the 60th anniversary of ESO:

Shout-out to SIGN founding member Roberto Tamai, head of ESO-ELT.

Italian Space Day

Webinar with Italian Embassy Berlin on 5 Dec 2022, including as speaker SIGN founding member Luciano Rezzolla:

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